1. ‍A very popular type of air rifle among shooters. Bullpup Artemis P10 comes as air rifle with a wooden butt, which can be used as a Single shot rifle.. This model has a great advantage in facilities, but also in a very favorable price. Compared to the model P12, P10 has an integrated pressure regulator.


Stock of the rifle is made of beech wood and topped with rubber dot. The stock is designed for both right-handed and forleft-handed shooters. Trigger guard is made of metal. Trigger and safety is made of metal also. Safety is located in front of the trigger. The rifle is cocked with the rear lever with a ball, such as the model CZ200 or Edgun. Advantage is a large air tank for up to 280 cm3.


Maximal filling pressure is 250Bar. Air tank is finished with classic QuickFill adapter and a manometer. For filling you have tounscrew a protective cap. Rifle is equipped with a silencer, which is attached with a small allen screw. 22mm weaver rail for mounting scope or red dot.


STOCK Bullpup Wood Stock

Size (LWH) 70X40X200 mm


Velocity 1000 fps on .22 Cal.

Type of weapon: PCP Airgun
Safety: Yes
Power: 38 J
Weight: 3200 g
Overall Length: 710 mm
Barrel Length: 472 mm
Mount Rail: 22 mm
Shot Capacity: 11 ran
Height: 196 mm
Width: 42 mm
Length: 710 mm
Muzzle Velocity: 200 m/s
Power: 38 J
Type of mechanism: PCP
Gun Stock: Wooden
Sights: No
Case: No


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