PatchWorm TM Pocket Field Kit

The SAFE bore cleaner – for all calibers



The PatchWorm Pocket Field Kit (PFK) is made entirely of durable nylon, and is designed to pull a clean patch with every stroke. It’s a far more refined alternative to pulling a dirty snake through your barrel…

This universal cleaning kit is so compact, it fits comfortably in a shirt pocket. Standard rifle rods are 34″ long from tip to head (not including the extra “tail” for easy extraction should the rod get stuck for any reason) and will clean up to 26″ barrels. Optional extra-long rifle rods are 42″, for up to 34″ barrels .

The rifle version has 8 color-coded cleaning heads:

.20 cal (green)
.22 cal (white)
.243 – .284 cal (black)
.308 – .348 cal (red)
.355 – .40 cal (purple)
.41 – .45 cal (orange)
.50 – .54 cal (blue)
12 gauge (yellow)

The PFK comes with dozens of wet (with Ballistol Sportsman’s Oil) and dry patches (7/8″ diameter), suitable for all bore sizes through .35 caliber. Larger 1 1/4″ diameter patches are available separately for the larger calibers. Reusable flip-lid containers are included for convenient storage.

Fouling is most easily removed while the barrel is still warm. Slide on a cleaning head (green is permanently attached), pierce 1 wet patch, feed into chamber and pull straight from muzzle. Flip patch, pull again, remove wet patch. Pierce 1 dry patch, repeat. Where a range of calibers is specified for a cleaning head, a second patch can be added (stacked on top of the first) for the larger caliber to achieve a tight finishing stroke.


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