RTI Priest II is a compact PCP airgun with amazing accuracy. This priest can offer one hell of a performance. It will do a great job whether you use it as a hunting rifle or take it to the shooting range. Cold hammer forged CZ barrel will send the pellet exactly where you want it to go.

If you like to experiment, you can easily exchange the barrel for different calibers. Just pick a barrel in your favourite caliber (.177, .22, .25 and .30) and replace it with an appropriate tool. The muzzle has the 1/2 UNF thread for sound moderator.

The cockling mechanism is smooth and reliable and the charging handle locks in rear position when the last pellet is fired. This prevents dry fire. Special attention has been given to the trigger mechanism. You can tune the first and second stage of the trigger with two screws located in the stock. This gun is also equipped with a manual safety.

The air tank has a working pressure of 300 bar and capacity of 350 cc. This can give you about 110 shots. If you want to get more shots out of one tank, you can buy a high capacity 500 cc air tank.

The scope can be mounted to the 22mm Weaver rail located on top of the frame. Another rail is located on the lower side of the frame so you can attach a bipod or other accessories to it. Priest II has an AR-15 type ergonomic grip.

Key features

• Accurate CZ barrel

• Finely tuned trigger

• Replaceable barrel

• Tactical design

Shooting mode: Reloading
Safety: Yes
Power: 45 J
Weight: 3000 g
Overall Length: 710 mm
Barrel Length: 508 mm
Mount Rail: 22 mm
Shot Capacity: 12
Caliber: 5,5 mm
Type of weapon: Rifle
Muzzle Velocity: 270 m/s
Type of mechanism: PCP
Gun Stock: Metal
Sights: No
Mount: Yes
Case: No


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